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          Crowd1 is an online networking company that leverages peoples hobbies to create residual income.
 Crowd1 is the next generation marketing network. We market websites, Apps and digital product through the usage of crowd marketing.
 Similar to Uber and Airbnb,who owns neither cars nor beds. Crowd1 does not sell any products of its own, it markets other companies' product and servives.
 Crowd1 network consists of millions of highly ambitious members with a love of entrepreneurship and sales that provide both employment and a source of income.
 The simplicity and speed of crowd1 help motivate our entrepreneur and sales people.
It is a profit sharing company
  The profit is been shared 80% to 20% 
All crowd1 members shares 80% profit while the company takes 20%
Don't you wish to be among those that benefit from this?
 Need more info?
As I will be so glad to walk you through the journey to raise wealth right there you are reading this from.
Don't need more information, just want to sign up?
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