Focus Focus Focus!

Focus on these things and you will be successful. Read below.
The most dependable, controllable, & longest
the lasting income-producing asset is List Marketing.
Step 1: Listbuilding. Focus on it every day, day in day out.
Building that asset. Then Nurturing & Grooming that asset.

Step 2: Email Marketing. Developing a great relationship with
your list, building trust, building your brand, and making offers,
getting clicks, creating traffic on demand every single day.

Step 3: Good Offers. Finding and creating offers that your
target audience wants, that convert well, producing strong EPC's
(Earnings Per Click) while delivering value to your list.
My suggestion to you is not to add ANYTHING else to your plate until you have good processes
down pat for the above 3 items. (don't be trying to do a bunch of
different marketing methods that will only dilute your effectiveness
& slow down your money getting machine)
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