9 Pillars of Online Success Part 1

Profit Pillar #1 is list building. You need to acquire an email or phone number. You need to build a list of subscribers. In order to do this, you need to give away something that will further your fans education on a particular topic.

Many successful marketers use this method in order to be successful online marketers.

You want to use a front end product to sell to your list. This could be a video, pdf, audio etc. You will sell this first when someone opts-in to your list. Once you have a front end product in place, if they purchase the front end product, you want to upgrade the product. This is called an upsell.

You can have as many upsells as you wish. Once you have these things in place, you want to get traffic. See the following methods:

1. Personal Blog

2. Warrior Forum

3. Solo Ads

4. Youtube Channel

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