About Us

Hello and Welcome "Affiliate Marketer Club" Members! I hope you are enjoying all the features on this platform. Be sure to reach out to all new members and consider a text and/or video chat. You would be surprised how well “one on one” collaboration works. 

We built this platform with digital network marketers in mind. By far, social media marketing is the best way to build an online reputation and acquire a trusted following. But most people struggle with social media platforms due to posting limitations. That is why we built the “Affiliate Marketer Club”. Here there are no posting limitations and affiliate links are welcome.

Create ebooks with your brand and upload them in the documents area. We will then share them in other's Facebook Groups. We use Facebook Marketer Club Content to share on social media. We are currently working on setting up multiple profiles on different social media platforms. That way we can syndicate your content, building more back links to this platform. That means more members and more eyeballs on your product or service. 

Please feel free to contact us at anytime with comments or suggestions. 

To your success!

Anton Grantham

 Anton Grantham

Founder-Affiliate Marketer Club