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E-Rozgar & Digiskills

 digiskills is the only platform in pakistan that is educating people and developing skills in the educated as well as non educated people of Pakistan. I recommend my students to learn in easy way. So i am sharing all digiskills video courses in Urdu. You can upgrade your skills by watching these Tutorials. 

I am sharing the courses subject wise

1 - Creative writing complete course in Urdu Hindi Digiskills :

     Upgrade your Writing skills. Write the Quality content. The content is the only tool that attracts the viewers. You will learn complete guide to write anything for customer or your own website. You can write any kind of writing after watching these content writing video tutorials.  Click here to watch videos on creative writing course ?? Content Writing Tutorial in Urdu       

2 - Auto-cad complete course by digiskills :

     After watching this auto-cad course you will be able to create commercial designs. You will be upgraded by using drafting software and applications. Click here to watch videos on Auto-CAD course ?? Auto-CAD Complete course in Urdu.

3 - Wordpress complete course by digiskills 

    Wordpress is the most speedily growing CMS on the web. One third part of websites are being developed in wordpress. Wordpress provides the interface to customize the website. Wordpress is easy to use and more easier to understand. You will find all easy ways to upgrade your skill in these videos. Click here to watch videos on the Wordpress course ?? Wordpress Complete course in Urdu

4 - Digital marketing complete course :

     Digital Marketing is the turning point in the Progress of any business. An expert trainee is here to completely explain the pros and cons of digital marketing. Click here to watch videos on digital marketing course ?? Digital Marketing Complete Course

5 - E-commerce complete course by digiskills :

     Today all products sailing and purchasing are adapting the online platform to do business in market. E-commerce enables the people to make transactions online through a website or landing page. You will be taught complete course by digiskills.
Please click here to watch videos about E-commerce course ?? E-Commerce Tutorial watch Free .

6 - Freelancing complete course by digiskills :

      It has become a fashion to work from home or work part time. Everyone wants to work freely. So freelancing course is for those people who want to earn money while sitting on their own location working remotely. Pakistan is providing services as freelancer to all over the world. Click here to watch Freelancing video course ?? Freelancing Course in Urdu .

7 - SEO complete course by digiskills :

     S.E.O is very technical subject in the freelancing. SEO should be understood by all google users. Google has proper plans and written terms to get data from companies and display it to users.
Click to watch S.E.O complete  tutorial ?? S.E.O Complete course in urdu hindi .

8 - Graphic Designing complete course by diggiskills :

     Graphic Designing is creative skill. every business needs a designer to show his business in beautiful attractive manner.
Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator will be taught to become expert in graphic designing.

 Please click this link to get complete course ?? Graphic Designing Complete Course .

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