How to Sell a Recycled Vehicle?

on August 04 at 03:31 AM
Unfortunately, even the most reliable car sooner or later falls into disrepair. This happens over time or in the event of a serious accident. For many owners, these cars rust for years in the garage or near the house. However, there are ways to get rid of the iron junk and even make money at the same time. One of them is recycling.
What is required for this
Before you can sell a used car, it must be disposed of. The procedure for handing over a car for scrap has changed this year. Previously, in order to remove the vehicle from the register in connection with the termination of its operation, it was enough to present to the traffic police the owner's statements, documents for the car and state documents. numbers. Now the owner of the car must first contact one of the specialized companies and get there a certificate (certificate) of recycling. Further:
we fill out an application for removing the car from the register (you can download it on the Internet and get it directly from the traffic police);
we turn to the registration department of the traffic police.
In addition to documents for the car and state numbers, you will need to present papers confirming the ownership of the vehicle (for example, DCT), the owner's passport or a notarized power of attorney (if the application is not submitted by the owner of the car).
The state duty for removing a car from the disposal register is not charged.
Where to sell a recycled car
There are not many legal ways to sell recycled vehicles.
The first one is to hand over the car to the scrap metal collection point. The second option is to contact one of the private companies buying such vehicles. The third way is to sell a car for parts.
The advantages of the first method include speed. The main disadvantage is the too small amount that is offered at the points of reception of recyclable materials. The average price for 1 kilogram of scrap metal now varies from 4 to 8 rubles. In the capital, the cost reaches 25 rubles. Therefore, with this method of selling a recycled car, the profit will be 10-30 thousand, no more.
Specialized companies dealing with the purchase of recycled vehicles can offer more. Some of these companies advertise up to 90 percent of the market value of the car. But you need to understand that such an amount is paid extremely rarely.
It all depends on:
technical condition of the car;
the presence or absence of documents for the car;
age of the vehicle.
Nobody will pay much for an old recycled car with a thoroughly rusted body and a large number of technical faults.
Car recycling
Selling recycled cars for spare parts is the most time-consuming and time-consuming option. However, you can make good money with this. For example, if the car has been in an accident, where it received serious damage to the body, but its main components and assemblies remained in working order. Once recycled, parts can be sold through online advertisements or print media.
In addition to legal ways of selling recycled vehicles, there is also an illegal option, which is successfully used by scammers and unscrupulous vehicle owners. After passing through recycling, the car is sold as usual. As a result, the new owner loses time, money and gets a lot of problems, since it is illegal to drive a recycled car by law. True, having decided to use this method of selling the recycled vehicle, the seller may also get into an unpleasant situation. When the buyer discovers fraud and challenges the purchase and sale agreement through the court, the money will have to be returned.

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