How To Overcome The Phantoms That Are Keeping You From Your Happiness

on August 03 at 12:09 PM

The Phantoms of Identity Theft are Phantoms of greed and power. We feel these Phantoms because they are the dark energy that keep us from the happiness we long for.

What is the answer? To live the life of happiness in this world of deception; we must find out who we are.

Many writers and motivational people want us to focus only on the positive thoughts. Thoughts become our things. Yes, it is true. What we focus on we get. It is the universal law; but that is not enough.

The key to a fulfilling life is to confront the Phantoms that steal our dreams in the first place. To do this we need to understand just what our Phantoms are and remove them from our life.

Our Phantoms are fear. Fear is the brick wall keeping us from our peace of mind. Yes fear; one brick at a time.

Perhaps this is how you feel.

Another day in Paradise when you awake each morning. Is this what you are thinking as you gulp down your strong black coffee and eat the piece of burnt toast all in one bite?

If only that fast food restaurant two blocks from work had not raised the price for a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. Once upon a time that was only pocket change.

You lock the garage door and drive to work in enraging traffic. You are so stressed you feel that you just could keep on driving into oblivion. Whatever oblivion is.

An hour later you have arrived. You walk in the door with deep darkness in your heart as you say good morning to your colleagues. You are sick of these people telling you constantly how blessed you are. If they only knew what you had to endure. It is hopeless, you think to yourself.

So, what is wrong with this picture? Millions of people are living their lives just like this.

What happened to you? You still remember how you felt when you were in your twenties and had dreams and goals. A desire or calling and you felt nothing could stop you from creating and living.

But just when you were ready to begin your journey for that dream and the freedom it was going to bring, life smacked you in the face with situations and problems that you were unprepared to deal with. The truth is the Phantoms of fear holding you back.

You must be thinking what a depressing article this is. How could she write this stuff?

I write this stuff because it is truth. Hopelessness slowly creeps into our lives with fear blocks so subtle we do not realize what is happening.

But it does not have to be this way. The light of truth is so simple we forget where to look. First, you must want to know the truth. Go look in the mirror and be honest with yourself.

At what point in your life did you realize your dream was gone? At what point in your life did you feel as if there were no way out of the deep dark maze of the jungle that has you trapped?

Someone stole your dream. Who did you allow to steal it?

Dreams are stolen by the Phantoms of darkness. Evil, fear, guilt, shame, or plain giving up when the going gets tough. We do not hear a lot about the Phantoms, because people just will not believe they exist.

Most folks believe that if we think good positive thoughts all our problems will just disappear. It is not that simple.

Learning how to implement The Law of Attraction is a skill. Example, you can thing about working with a skill saw but until you learn how to use that skill saw; nothing will be created.

It is the same with The Law of Attraction. You must learn how to remove The Phantoms that steal your identity and replace that fear with a habit (a skill) that is learned to keep hope alive.

Hope is the prelude to faith. Both are invisible energies. We can feel them, we cannot see them.

How do you rekindle your hope to grow faith? You create the habit of gratitude. A habit is a learned skill. Gratitude is an invisible energy which brings results from actions that move you forward to your happiness.

Every morning before you get out of bed thank God for your blessings. You do have blessings, right? The same blessings your colleagues at work have mentioned. Plus, the blessing only you know about. Everyone has personal blessings from our Creator. It is a gift.

Thank God for the new blessings that will appear in your life this day. And before you go to sleep that night thank God for your blessings again.

It is Gratitude that will solve the dilemma of your hopelessness. Try it for thirty days and you will begin to see a significant change in your life.

This does not mean that problems with go away. It means that your ability to cope and react to the problems with be quite different.

Your life then becomes more meaningful. You soon understand that “it’s not all about you” and with this awareness happiness follows.

Regardless of our circumstances, we can find something to be grateful for. One of my biggest goals in life is helping as many people as possible understand that they have the power to make their life as they want it to be. You can become whatever you set your mind to. The secret is there is no secret. It is understanding the laws of nature and the natural law of attraction. Learn more about how to live life with happiness. Visit



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