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on January 09 at 08:53 PM
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My name is Anton Grantham...Founder of Affiliate Marketer Club. I created this platform because I understand how it feels to be pushed around by Facebook and I finally got sick and tired of it. So I created this platform with you and I in mind. With the exception of a 5000 friend limit, I have removed other restrictions you may encounter on Facebook. 

At the Affiliate Marketer Club, there is no posting limit. You can post as much as you wish with as many links as you wish. But here is how to really succeed at the Affiliate Marketer Club. 


  • Send a "Friend Request" to everyone who joins the Club. If a person is not your friend, they cannot see your posts on your timeline. If everyone at the Club is your Friend, they will see all your posts. You can see everyone who joins the Club by clicking "People" on the left menu of "home" page.  


  • Post often. Among your friends, the last post will be at the top. The more ofthen you post, the more often your content will be at the top. 


  • Create a "Group". 


  • Invite everyone to join your group. Groups are ordered from top to bottom on the right of "home page" by group membership. In other words, the group with the most members will be at the top. 


Of course, there are other things you can do to circulate your brand, such as uploading your ebooks and sharing your link inside the ebook. You can upload ebooks via "Documents" in the left menu bar. 


Be sure to look around the entire Club. You may also notice you can do text/video chats and invite others. 


Withen the next week, we will be adding games and an E-Commerce platform so you can play games with your friends and sell digital and physical proucts via secure PayPal checkout. We will be adding new tools regularely to keep you coming back. Our goal is to give you Facebook without the Facebook stress. 


So invite your friends using the "Invite Friends" link in the menu on the left side of home page. Those who invite their friends will be our "Featured Members". 


Again...Thank you for joining the Affiliate Marketer Club. Drop by and see us all the time. cool


To your success!


Disclaimer: AffiliateMarketer.club is in no way affiliated with Facebook. 


If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us via chat at  https://affiliatemarketer.club/users/view/1


Login to the Affiliate Marketer Club at https://affiliatemarketer.club/home

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