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  • Wes Bartell
    The human brain is 60% fat.

    Weird, right?

    Know what else is weird?

    How all that fat in between your ears can tell you you’re not good enough to start something on your own.

    Or how it can make you doubt yourself.

    Or how it can make you dream something, then hold you back from trying to achieve it.

    Know what I’m talking about?

    Ever get that feeling?

    That’s just the fat talking.

    The smart part is trying to tell you something though.

    You’re ready.

    Here’s what I’ve got to say about it.
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  • Wes Bartell
    There’s a stat about your body that I love.
    I mean, not YOUR body…
    But THE body.
    All your cells replace themselves every seven years.
    New ones grow. Old ones die.
    Essentially, you become an entirely different person.

    Cool, right?

    It means your future isn’t based on your past.
    All that dumb stuff you did when you were a teenager?
    That’s not even part of you anymore.

    The only thing left are the lessons you’ve learned.
    You get to take ‘em and apply ‘em to ANYTHING you want.

    Becau...  more
  • Wes Bartell

    Remember the nightmarish book from when we were kids:

    “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark.”

    It had the one about the hitchhiker with the hook hand.

    And the story about the babysitter who kept getting calls “from inside the house.”

    And “The Hearse Song.”

    Scary stuff for a pre-teen!

    There’s a movie of it now too.

    But in my opinion?

    Real-life is scarier.

    > Bills
    > Jobs
    > More bills

    Stuff that drowns you in fear and keeps you awake at night.

    But if you want to escape the nightmare?

    An...  more
  • Wes Bartell
    How to get good at sales:


    2) Talk like a person

    3) Talk about what you love

    4) Talk about the products you use

    5) Make genuine connections

    That’s it.

    You don’t need a book.

    You don’t need a video.

    You don’t need a $12K course.

    Those 5 things are the steps I follow.

    It helps that I’ve got good products, but honestly?

    It’s more about making real connections with people than anything else.

    And you absolutely CAN do this. Even if you think you suck at sales.

    Click belo...  more
  • Wes Bartell

    Can we talk about Brené Brown for a second?

    She’s that TedTalk presenter who preaches the power of Vulnerability.

    Wrote a couple of books too.

    She says that when you’re open and honest, it’s not a sign of weakness.

    It’s a sign of being human.

    And it makes people like you.

    So I’m gonna try it right meow:

    I needed to make more money.

    I wanted more out of life.

    I felt a calling to start something I could own and I didn’t know the best way to begin.

    Now, I know Network Marketing isn’t f...  more
  • Wes Bartell
    I know I write a lot of these one-sentence-at-a-time posts.
    And I know it looks like life is all sunshine n’ rainbows.
    Truth is…
    I work HARD at this.
    But all the positivity you’ve been seeing?
    The good stuff that’s been going on in my life?

    > The new income
    > The freedom
    > The ownership of my role
    > The entrepreneurial spirit
    > The team spirit
    > The collaboration
    > The colleagues

    It’s all real.
    Ain’t fluff.
    It’s worth every bit I put into it.
    ‘Cuz it comes back to me tenfol...  more
  • Wes Bartell
    Ever notice how most movies repeat the same formulas?👉 Boy meets girl > Boy loses girl > Boy gets girl
    👉 Dwayne Johnson rescues the world
    👉 Girl with ponytail & glasses becomes a princess
    👉 Undervalued assistant saves the projectIt ain’t rocket science.
    Fact is, it doesn’t need to be.
    We like what we like.
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  • Wes Bartell
    Y’know how the dictionary adds new words every year?
    Latest additions include:
    > Adorbs
    > Airplane Mode
    > Bingeable
    > Biohacking
    > Guac
    And my favorite:

    See, because language evolves.
    It changes.
    It grows.
    And we get to make the rules.
    Same with business.
    Old rules don’t apply.
    So I get to work from home.
    Be the boss.
    Set my hours.
    Take more vacations.
    Decide my own salary.
    And if I want to drink a couple a’ margs (another new word) at lunch?
    I’ll drink a couple a’ margs.

    The business...  more
  • Wes Bartell
    Everyone, PLEASE be careful because people are going crazy from being locked down at home!
    I was just talking about this with the microwave and the toaster while drinking my coffee, and we all agreed that things are getting worse.
    I didn’t mention any of this to the washing machine, because she puts a different spin on EVERYTHING!! Certainly couldn’t share with the fridge, cause he’s been acting cold and distant!
    In the end, the iron straightened me out! She said the situation isn’t all that ...  more
  • Wes Bartell
    What’s that old saying?
    “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”
    I call bull.
    Know why?
    There are more than 4,400 mousetrap styles in existence.
    You really gonna tell me we need another?
    Or that they all suck?
    If you want to sell more mousetraps?
    You find more people who have mice.
    Simple, right?
    See, the beauty of my business is, my audience wants what I have.
    It solves a problem.
    I didn’t have to build a better version of anything.
    It was already great to beg...  more
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  • Greg Shaw
    Thank you Wes Bartell for accepting my "Friend Request". It is always a real pleasure to connect with like-minded people.
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