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  • Oliver Abas
    ?????? Gigantic Waves Global Community Contributor Program gives you an opportunity to get benefits from the system in 4 ways.    ????????   1️⃣ Direct referrals (25% to 50%)- the people...
  • Oliver Abas
    Now, Ethereum is more than 5 years old!🎉🎉

    On July 30th 2015 Ethereum was born. First official decentralized platform started functioning 5 years ago. 🕐🕐

    👉It is the Ethereum which maximized the blockchain potential in fin tech and allowed the launch of new startups which, in turn, changed the world.

    👉It is the Ethereum which gave the world smart-contracts - the mechanism to execute actions with certain conditions.

    👉It is the Ethereum which made GCC Program possible!

    👉Today 1 Ethereu...  more
  • Oliver Abas

    👉 Vitalik Buterin, perhaps the most critical voice among Ethereum‘s leaders, once again spoke out against yield farming in the DeFi sector.

    👉 Since the beginning of the “DeFi fever” Buterin has questioned the sustainability of the market. However, investors continue to pump money into it, with the total value locked (TVL) in Ethereum’s DeFi sector reaching a new all-time high of $9.03 billion.

    👉 In the last two days alone, it has attracted $2 billion.

    👉 This Is the right time to sta...  more
  • Oliver Abas